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The Tao Lounge

For the sophisticated public, looking for a truly unique nightlife experience, VIP Lounge provides the best comfort and elegant environment. Order a drink in the VIP private bar and enjoy our 5-star services in a pleasant company of not more than fourteen selected people.

This is the ideal place for those, who want nothing but the best, who want to enjoy only exclusive and personalized service without compromising. Feel all the sophistication of our signature drinks while enjoying the music in a comfortable and relaxing ambiance away from the crowded dance floor.

If you feel like mingling with the people off the lounge, do not worry. A VIP person can have anything. Go downstairs and dance as much as you can. You will always have your oasis of exclusiveness back as soon as you want to.

Every detail, every element of our VIP lounge was created to make you feel nothing but elitism. Just let us make every your evening exquisite and unforgettable!

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